Attendance and active participation in class lectures, discussions, and activities are vital to the success of each student, as well as the learning community. Therefore, students are expected to attend all class meetings. Students are allowed to miss three class periods. Each additional missed class will result in a 10% grade deduction.

Late Assignments

All assignments are due at the start of the class meeting on the date of the deadline, unless otherwise specified. In classes with reading quizzes, the reading quizzes can not be rescheduled. All other work submitted late (after the start of the class meeting on the day the assignment is due) will incur a substantial grade reduction. For each day that an assignment is late a 10% grade reduction will be assessed. Therefore, an assignment turned in one day late can only earn 90% of the total possible points, an assignment turned in two days late can only earn 80% of the total possible points.

Extra Credit

Generally, extra credit is not made available in this course. In the event that an extra credit opportunity arises, it is important to note that engaging in the extra credit assignment does not guarantee the student any extra credit points. In fact, extra credit will not be calculated in the student’s grade until the end of the course, as all coursework must be completed to earn any extra credit points. Therefore, a student cannot have any missing assignments to earn extra credit in the course.

Multitasking, Cell Phones, and Computers

As stated in the video above, research has shown that multitasking is not effective. Therefore, students are expected to help contribute to a learning environment that limits distractions. Students are expected to silence, turn off, and/or not use their cell phones during the class period. If you must take a call in the middle of class, please step outside of the classroom prior to answering the phone.

While the use of computers is not prohibited during class meetings, it is expected that students use their computers for course related purposes. The instructor reserves the right to prohibit the use of computers in the classroom, if they become a distraction to lectures, discussions, or other class activities.


Students are expected to regularly check their Pacific University email account, as this is the way that course announcements will be sent out. In general, students can expect to receive a response to an email within 48 hours. It is important to remember that email correspondence is part of the presentation of self and the advice in this article should be considered.

Learning Support Services

Learning Support Services at Pacific University coordinates educational accommodations for students with disabilities. Disabilities may be physical or learning related, and may be permanent or temporary. Academic standards require qualified documentation to receive accommodation and students are responsible for furnishing this documentation to the university through learning support services.

If you have documented challenges that will impede your learning in any way, please contact learning support services via phone (ext. 2717) or email (lss@pacificu.edu). LSS staff will meet with students, review the documentation of their disabilities, and discuss the services that Pacific offers and any appropriate ADA accomodations for specific courses. More information about learning support services at Pacific University is available at their website.

Written Work

Students are expected to construct their written work with care and effort to write in an academic and scholarly manner. Therefore, students are only allowed to have five (5) major grammatical errors in a formal written assignment. When the fifth major grammatical error appears in a formal written assignment, the instructor will stop reading and assign a grade based on what has already been read. For the purpose of this policy, the following are major grammatical errors:

1. Run-On Sentences

2. Sentence Fragments

3. Use of Colloquial Language

4. Issues with Capitalization

4. No Use of Paragraph Breaks

While other grammatical errors (e.g., subject-verb agreement) may affect a student's grade on a paper, only those listed are considered major grammatical errors for the purpose of this policy.

Pacific's Writing Center

Pacific's writing resource center is part the tutoring and learning center (TLC). The TLC is located in Scott Hall and offers one-on-one assistance in a wide variety of subjects. Please see the TLC's website for more information about the center and it's operating hours. If you have any additional questions about the TLC contact the center director Yashica Island at yisland@pacificu.edu

Academic Dishonesty

Pacific University has no tolerance for academic misconduct/ dishonesty. It is university policy that all acts of misconduct and dishonesty be reported to the Associate Dean for Student Academic Affairs. Sanctions that may be imposed for such misconduct range from an “F” for the assignment, an “F” for the course, and suspension or dismissal from the university. As noted in Pacific's academic catalog, forms of academic misconduct include but are not limited to plagiarism, fabrication, cheating, tampering with grades, forging signatures, and using electronic information resources in violation of acceptable use policies. See the student code of conduct for more specific information regarding Pacific’s academic dishonesty policy.

Academic dishonesty will not be tolerated in this class. Engaging in academic dishonesty will result in an automatic F on the assignment. Any subsequent act of academic dishonesty will result in an automatic F in the class.

Plagiarism & Citations

Please see the following links for guidance on how to appropriately reference the materials you use in work.

Quick Tips for ASA Style from the American Sociological Association.

Purdue OWL's reference guide for ASA Style and APA Style paper formatting and citation styles. While either citation style is acceptable in lower level class, sociology majors and those in upper division sociology courses should follow ASA style citations.

Instructor Contact Information

Office Location: Carnegie 201

Email: deisen@pacificu.edu

Phone: (503) 352-1552

Schedule a Meeting Here

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